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Let us sell your property in Tenerife

I specialise in getting results for people who want to sell their properties in Tenerife. I do this by concentrating on a small amount of high quality listings – never more than 100 properties at a time. This means your property gets lots of attention from my buyers. Other agents have 1000 plus listings and sell only a small percentage of them. I sell almost everything I list.

How do we do this? Well, we have some of the biggest social media properties in Tenerife. Take a look at our Facebook group called “I Love Tenerife” with over 36,000 members – I own this group, no other agency can access it. It is an exclusive way of advertising properties to a large amount of people very quickly:


We also have an email list of 5,000 buyers who have opted in to receive our properties. When I send your property out onto our group and to my email list – we can get well over 20,000 views in just one day!!! Want to really get your property out in front of people? This is the fastest, most effective way of doing it!

If you think that is not enough, I also own the page “I Love Tenerife” as well! With over 20,000 fans, some of the posts I put on there generate over 40,000 views – I can really tap in to the power of viral marketing with these campaigns. A short video clip I posted recently reached almost 50,000 people – it was 10 seconds long!!!


We now alsoadvertise your properties in multiple languages. If you aren´t aware, Belgian clients are buying in huge numbers right now so we advertise your property in the Dutch / Flemish language and have had great success doing so, utilising the marketing power of portals such as:
Woning Kopen of Verkopen? HUIS en aanbod biedt u ruim 50.000 woningen in binnen- en buitenland

As well as many others.

No estate agent in Tenerife can offer you this level of exposure – send me your details and I will show you what I can do!

Want more exposure for your property listing?

And if that wasn´t enough, we will also add your property to the following additional websites (plus all the biggest portals – Rightmove, Zoopla etc) at our own personal cost and FEATURE and PREMIUM LIST your property wherever it is possible to so : logo  Dilatos logo  

There are Tenerife Property buyers around, but the market and internet is flooded with listings. If yours does not stick out, you simply will not get the enquiries. My listings stick out! Its as simple as that. Send me your details now, if you already have it listed, send me a link and I can take a quick look.

 Sell your property now with the most effective marketing campaign in Tenerife!


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