Tenerife Estate Agents

Search the top 20 property listings from the best agents in Tenerife all on one website. Rather than going through hundreds and hundreds of Tenerife Property listings we select only the very best deals from a range of Tenerife Estate Agents throughout the South and West.

In addition we have a range of Tenerife bank repossessions with mortgage up to 100% and a number of distressed/urgent sales direct from owners who are pricing to sell. We don´t list anything at 2007 prices! If it is not competitive either on price or mortgage then you won´t find it here.

This is what sets us apart from other Tenerife Estate Agents:

  • No endless  sales calls
  • No sales pitches
  • No pressure selling techniques
  • No inflated prices
  • No exaggerations or lies
  • Independent Spanish Lawyers
  • Independent Tenerife Mortgage Advice
  • Ethical estate agents to buy from
  • A guarantee you will not lose your deposit when applying for a mortgage
  • Fair terms and conditions explained up front

Tenerife Estate Agents

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