Title insurance guarantee

Title insurance was a form of insurance first pioneered in the US as a means of protecting buyers from potential title issues after purchase. It is now available in Spain from Caser Insurance and costs 283€ for 20 years of cover.

We can arrange this for you no problem at all. It is very simple. We receive 100€ in commission from the insurance company for each policy we sell (we like to be upfront and transparent about such things!)

If you purchase any property from us or any of the agents we work with through ourselves, we are more than happy to pay the cost (it is only 183€ after all.)

The policy covers all sorts of nasty situations that may arise such as:

  • Fraud (fake documents etc)
  • Squatters moving in
  • Tenants not moving out at the end of a rental term
  • Demolition orders
  • Border disputes
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Unknown heirs
  • Hidden legal defects

The list goes on and on! What you need to be very clear about though is this does not in anyway reduce the requirement for proper due diligence by a completely independent lawyer during the purchase. Any estate agent who suggests that they can do the legal work for you and this policy will take care of any other issues – make your excuses and leave!