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TenerifeEstateAgents.net is owned and managed by myself, Andy Ward.

A quick précis of my background: 5 years in UK Military Intelligence after which I qualified as a mortgage broker and worked in the regulated financial services industry in the UK. I later spent 18 months working as an offshore financial advisor in Caracas, Venezuela where I met my partner and mother of my child, Maria, and we relocated to Tenerife in 2006.

I set up a mortgage company here after spotting a gap in the market to provide independent whole-of-market mortgage advice to non-residents buying property here. I quickly expanded this to the whole of Spain and that business is still going strong!

As a mortgage broker in Tenerife, I worked with almost every estate agent in the South and was often asked by my clients to recommend an estate agent. Unfortunately I found it very difficult to find honest, reliable and ethical estate agents to recommend.

Another issue I came across was that a lot of people now search property listings online. Many of these are hopelessly out of date for a start and a good proportion are very old (2 years plus) meaning the prices do not reflect the current market.

I was approached by several banks to help them market their growing portfolio of repossessed properties and developers trying to offload new build properties they could no longer sell. So I set up this website to provide honest advice about some of the pitfalls of buying and selling in Tenerife. I work with several very good agents – agents I can trust – and manage to dig out some of the very best property deals on the island. This has worked very well and the business has gone from strength to strength in the middle of the worst property crash in decades!

Over the past few years, the market has really turned around, prices have risen and the “Crisis” is now, thankfully, a thing of the past. Our focus is on quality properties, quality listings and full, clear advice to both buyers and sellers so they know exactly what to expect when buying or selling a property here. I put all of our marketing efforts into a small portfolio of listings – 50 to 60 at the most and push these until they sell. I find this service is far superior for sellers than working with agencies who have 300 listings plus as they simply cannot manage those numbers nor keep their websites upto date – one of the continuing problems with the property market here.

What I offer:

  • Competitive, up to date and quality Tenerife property listings
  • Expert mortgage advice (we are the biggest provider of non-resident mortgage in the whole of Spain!)
  • A 100% Guarantee you will not lose your deposit if you do not obtain a mortgage for any reason
  • I can arrange for you to view any property in the market with any estate agent – all viewings arranged for you and full, impartial advice on all the properties you elect to view
  • All deposits handled by your own lawyer and kept in your lawyer’s account – not ours
  • No boasts of “winning awards” or belonging to toothless “agent organisations” most of whom have no presence in Tenerife, no knowledge of the purchase/sales process in Tenerife and no remit to intervene should you ever wish to lodge a complaint against an estate agent in Tenerife with them
  • Straight talk, direct advice. I won´t waste your time and hopefully, you won´t waste mine!

I firmly believe the service I offer is something quite unique and a service which is very much needed in order to drag the Tenerife property market and Tenerife Estate Agents into the 21st Century. My ability to market properties for sellers is unmatched by any other estate agents. As is my ability to broker the entire property market and find what my buyers looking for.

If you are looking to work with an estate agent in Tenerife who will listen to you, give you straight advice and feedback and really perform for you whether you are a buyer or seller – then I´d love to hear from you!