Tenerife Energy Certificates – the facts and how to order one

From 1st June this year (2013) anyone wishing to advertise their property for sale or for rent or to sell their property (the notary will ask for a copy of the energy certificate before you sell) must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC.) This is a Royal Decree and applies not only to Tenerife but also to the rest of Spain.

What is an energy performance certificate?

Energy certificate


It is a report detailing the overall energy efficiency of a property on a sliding scale from A to G. You may already have seen such rating on electrical appliances – they look something like this and you will find them on washing machines, air conditions etc. If you live in the UK and many other countries you may already be familiar with such surveys and certificates.


 How do I obtain and energy certificate in Tenerife?

You need to have a survey carried out on your property by a qualified assessor. The survey takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours. You require your name, NIE number, and catastral reference number of the property. After conducting the initial survey the assessor will then produce the report and this can take around one week.

What are the costs involved?

The costs of the survey, certificate and registration of the certificate is dependent upon the property size and complexity. The larger the property and the more rooms it has, the higher the price. We have negotiated prices from just 125€ for the studios and apartments under 50m2.

What if I don’t bother with getting a certificate?

You can be fined for advertising your property without a valid certificate. Fines range from 500€ to 3,000€ and the Government seem very serious about issuing them. If you wish to advertise your property for sale or rent, you must obtain one!

Can I not just order a certificate once I know the property is sold?

No, the certificate must be in your possession before you even advertise the property – you cannot wait until you know you have a sale before applying for one.

Are there any exemptions to needing an energy certificate?

Yes there are some exemptions but basically if you own a residential property in Tenerife and want to advertise it for sale or for rent – you need a certificate, its as simple as that.

Can you recommend someone reliable to do this for me?

Yes I can – I have set up a website with lots of information about energy certificates in Tenerife. Click on the logo below to visit the website and have a good read through:

EPC Tenerife logo

There is also a blog on there where I update the website with new information about these certificates as it comes in:


And if you would like to order a certificate, simply fill out the form on the website and we´ll be in touch: