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You´ll probably have more joy just clicking here and scrolling through our listings:

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The reason why is simple, I don’t list a lot of properties – just 30 to 60 at a time and I ensure they are the best properties on the market or they are very exclusive / unique. So no trash, no overpriced junk, no old listings from 2010…. I keep the site as up to date as possible unlike almost all other property sites in Tenerife.

The downside to this is that I may not have what you are looking for right now. But, if it is on the market I can find it for you. I work here, I know pretty much all of the good agencies here and I know which ones have certain types of properties in certain areas. I know the market, the good, bad and ugly and I can dig out specific properties a lot quicker than you can trying to navigate through thousands of duplicate listings, old listings, properties with 4 bad photos etc!

If you want to employ my services, fill out the form below, let me know what it is you think you are looking for: