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Buying off-plan with a Bank Guarantee in Tenerife

Something that came up recently with a client of ours who we were arranging a Spanish Mortgage for: Upon checking the documentation on the off-plan property there was a discrepancy in the price. the price on the purchase copntract was €4,000 higher than the price the property had originally been advertised for. I asked my… Read More

Buy direct from the owner? Great idea or not so clever?

Buying direct from the owner is one way many purchasers choose to buy property in Tenerife. There are a number of advantages: You speak directly to the owner, not through an intermediary You can arrange your own visits to suit your schedule – not the estate agents The price may be a little lower –… Read More

Estate Agents Commission – are YOU paying too much???

Estate agents in Tenerife are commission based, most people are aware of this. What may come as a shock though is that this commission is not fixed at any level and there is no-one imposing a maximum amount. The way it works is like this: A seller approaches an agent and asks them to market… Read More