11 Bedroom Tenerife villa featured on A Place in the Sun – Winter Sun

11 bedroom bargain Tenerife Villa featured on Channel 4’s “A Place In The Sun”

This bargain 11 bedroom villa property which we have for sale at the very low price of 350,000€ is due to be shown on Channel 4´s “A Place in the Sun” on February 14th at 11am so set your Sky+ to record it if you´re at work!

The team from A Place in the Sun spent two whole days filming and taking shots of the property so there should be a good amount of airtime which will generate a good number of enquiries for the owner. To view the property in full detail and go through our photos gallery of the villa, please visit the following link:


The programme will promote Tenerife as a popular tourist destination showcasing Mount Teide (the highest point in Spain) and some of Tenerife biggest tourist attractions such as Siam Park (Europes biggest water park) and the vast Loro Park in the North of the island.

The team were looking for suitable Tenerife properties for a total of 2 weeks and the client spec was for a 3 to 4 bedroom house, big enough for an extended family including grandchildren to come on holiday together. There had to be a swimming pool and there also had to be restaurants and shops within walking distance. Our 11 bedroom villa was easily big enough to accommodate even the biggest of families and the nearest restaurant is the incredibly popular “El Cordero” which is just a 10 minute walk away.

Check out the show and see what you think of the properties on offer. If you are interested in this one, this is a great insight into what the experts on the show thought!

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